What Is The High Pressure Die Casting
Part Manufacturing Process?

The High Pressure Die Casting - Die Casting is a high pressure part manufacturing process. Metal parts are produced very rapidly. Metal die casting alloys are melted into a fluid state. The melted metal or molten metal sits near a die casting machine. The molten metal die casting alloy is ladled (cold chamber die casting process) or injected (hot chamber die casting process) into the die casting machine. Some die casting materials can be injected using the hot chamber process but all die casting alloy materials can be used in the cold chamber die casting process. In high pressure die casting, metal parts are produced at the rate of one every minute and sometimes up to four parts every minute.

In multiple cavity die casting molds, sometimes many thousands of metal alloy parts are be produced every day.

At Cast Parts Die Casting Company we employee several people skilled in die casting jobs. Our die casting people management are continually looking for good people. Some of our die casting people were trained by our company.

    Cast Parts Die Casting Company Jobs
  • Die Casting Machine Operators
  • Die Casting Mold Setup Person
  • Die Casting Production Lead Person
  • Die Casting Production Part Inspector
If you have these job skills and are currently under employed, contact Cast Parts Die Casting Company today. Come by and fill out a job application. Send us your resume to the address listed on this page. Call us (818-982-9386), or email us (Sales@Cast-Parts.com).

The High Pressure Die Casting Alloys

A360 Aluminum Alloy | A380 Aluminum Alloy | A413 Aluminum Alloy | #3 Zinc Alloy

A360 Aluminum Die Casting Alloy - A360 aluminum die casting alloy is the second most common die casting alloy used to produce metal parts. A360 die casting alloy is used when corrosion is a concern in out door lighting products and automotive part product applications. A360 is a little more expensive than A380 aluminum alloy. Aluminum Alloy A360 is typically $0.10 - $0.15 more per pound than Aluminum Alloy A380.

A380 Aluminum Die Casting Alloy - The most common and least expensive die casting alloy is A380 aluminum die casting alloy. Unless otherwise specified, all aluminum die casting parts are produced in a380 die casting aluminum alloy. 90% of all die casting parts are made in aluminum and of those aluminum die casting parts, probably 75% are made using 380 aluminum alloys. Other alloys closeley related to 380 aluminum alloy are A383 alloy and A384 aluminum alloy. These alloys are slightly more expensive than 380 alloy but have properties that make them better to machine or polish. It is generally understood that alloy A383 or alloy A384 are acceptable to replace alloy A380 in most cases.

A413 Aluminum Die Casting Alloy - Die Casting Alloy A413 aluminum is the lightest metal alloy in weight. When high strength aluminum is needed then typically A413 aluminum is specified. 413 aluminum has a higher temperature transfer rate than other aluminum die casting alloys and is therefore used in many heatsink part applications. The fluidity is greater in A413 aluminum so it is also used in "thin wall" applications. A413 is typically $0.10 - $0.20 more per pound than A380 aluminum.

#3 Zinc Die Casting Alloy - Zinc #3 Die Casting Alloy is used in either a cold chamber die casting machine or a hot chamber die casting machine. The difference is that in hot chamber the metal alloy is injected from a molten bath inside the die casting machine. The hot chamber process produces parts faster than the cold chamber process. Zinc Parts weigh about two and a half (2.50) times more than an aluminum part the same size. Since aluminum and zinc alloys cost about the same per pound, it is less expensive to produce die casting parts in aluminum alloys. Zinc die casting alloys are used when greater weight is important such as fly wheel applications. Alloys used in zinc die casting fell from favor when the zinc alloy cost rose from one third (1/3) the cost of A380 to almost equal to the cost of A380 aluminum.

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