Die Casting Part Prices for Aluminum Parts or Zinc Parts

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For die casting part price and tooling price quotes and information on
zinc diecast part prices or aluminum diecast part prices.

Die Casting Part Prices are based on the alloy material cost and type, material alloy weight and labor cost required to complete your diecasting part. The die casting part price typically includes all product cleanup after the die casting part is produced. The parts are typically die trimmed in a trim press using a trim die. The trim die is made specifically for each individual die casting product.

    The die casting part price (cost) can include other processes, such as:
  • Die Casting tooling setup cost is included.
  • Price for threading holes.
  • Prices to surface Chem-film.
  • Paint prices or Powder Coat costs.

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Get Die Casting Part Prices: - Send us your die casting part information. Cast-Parts Company will assist you and give you the cost (price) for your die casting part design, metal prototype part, diecast part costs, part machining cost and finish cost on the surface of many kinds of aluminum die cast parts and zinc die cast parts. Send your Request For Price (RFP) or Request For Quote to our email address (sales@cast-parts.com) and we will send a price to you immediatly for die casting tooling and die casting parts,

    Information we need:
  • Do you need Die Casting Tooling Prices? or just die casting part prices?
  • Send us a sample part, blue print or electronic file.
  • Part Materials or die casting alloys type requested.
  • Die casting part delivery Quantity and annual diecasting part quantity needed.
  • Do you already have die casting insert tooling Prices?
  • Do you own a Die Casting Moldbase? Do you need Costs?
  • You have only Cavity Inserts? Do you need insert mounting and Holder prices?
  • Do you need Die Casting Trim die cost?
  • Do you want the die casting part complete to blue print with paint or powder coating?
  • Call today, 818-982-9386 and ask to speak to our die casting sales representitive.

Die Casting Capabilities at Cast-Parts
We have been producing aluminum die castings and zinc die castings and parts since 1994.

Die Casting Tooling -
We also produce die casting tooling, die casting molds and die casting trim dies as well as quality aluminum and zinc die castings. Look at our main web site to get a complete description of our die casting products and die casting services we offer to our many customers. Cast-Parts Company uses several Die Casting Alloys to make the aluminum die casting parts and zinc die casting parts our manufacturing customers need.

Contact Cast Parts to get a price for aluminum die cast parts or zinc die cast parts. We produce parts up to 17 inches in legnth and with weights up to up to 10 pounds. We will make 10,000 cast parts or we will make 100 cast parts for your company. We use a process called die casting to make parts for our customers. Send us a sample part or a blue print. Send us an electronic 3D file.

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