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We produce metal parts in aluminum alloy also known as "aluminum die castings", "diecasting parts", "aluminum castings". We also produce metal parts in zinc known as "zinc die castings" or "zinc castings". Manufacturing companies need die cast parts in their metal part product parts.

Die Casting Part Products - Cast Parts is an American Aluminum Die Casting company located in North Hollywood California. Cast Part Die Casting Company produces aluminum die casting parts and zinc die casting parts. These die casting parts can be with machining and other secondary finishing processes. Die casting assists manufacturing companies by using die casting tooling, die casting molding, part machining and high pressure diecasting to make metal parts in #3 zinc and A360, A380, or A413 aluminum alloys.

Aluminum Die Casting Products

Die casting parts are produced using die casting tooling called die cast molds ao die cast dies. We will assist with your product design, make your die casting tooling, mold or cast your parts in metal alloy, then machine the threads as needed. We can make your prototype part prior to our high pressure die casting part production.

    Die Casting Parts Include:
  • Aluminum Air Brake Housing Die Castings,
  • Die Cast Garbage Disposal Housings,
  • Automotive Die Casting Parts,
  • Swiming Pool Brush Handle Die Castings,
  • Concrete Trowel Handle Shank Castings,
  • Hardware Die Casting Parts,
  • Die Cast Satellite Dish Mounts,
  • Pump Housing Die Casting Parts,
  • Aluminum Heat Sink Die Castings,
  • Motor Cover Die Castings For Controls,
  • Aluminum Cast Emi Protective Housings,
  • Impellers Castings,
  • Motor End Cap Covers Castings,
  • Electrical Box Compartments,
  • Aluminum or Zinc Lever Castings,
  • Die Casting squeegee Handles,
  • Disk Drive Housing Parts,
  • Light Fixture Die Castings,
  • Carburetor Spacer Parts,
  • Natural Gas Valve Castings,
  • Golf Equipment and parts die castings,

Cast Parts Die Casting Company
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How We Make Die Casting Parts

You have probably have not heard about die casting parts. Some of the most important metal parts or products are made using "die casting". Diecast parts are made through the practice of the die casting process. Basically, the die casting process forces molten metal alloy under pressure that is high, right into die casting tooling insert cavities, in order to form "die casting parts".

This manufacturing process, the "die casting process", is most common using aluminum and zinc die casting part alloys, in some cases, may use another metal other than zinc or aluminum. The Die casting part production process, which is a very tedious one, can produce die cast parts that are small to medium in size, typically the size of a person's hand. As for their appearance, diecast parts made from metal alloys are known to carry intricate, impressive details, as well as delicate and finely textured surfaces. What is most notable about the die casting process is it has consistency as far as the dimensions of the die cast parts are concerned.

In order to make die casting parts that are of high quality, the parts need not be expensive. One of the benefits that the die casting metalworking industry appreciates about the process is that it is very economical. Production costs are kept to a minimum because the parts are produced nearly "net-shape".

Wheelchair Lift Cam-Arm Die Casting Part Aluminum Automobile Valve Cover Die Casting Part Zinc Die Casting Parts still on gate tree Die Casting Automotive Part

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