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Die Casting Molds tooling
Die Casting Molds Diecasting Tooling
Die Casting Molds Tooling

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Aluminum Die Casting Tooling and Zinc Die Casting Tools are used in the die casting process in which molten metal, zinc or aluminum, is injected into a die casting tooling mold tools into the die casting machine. The diecast tooling is a a hardened H13 steel die to produce hundreds to thousands of metal die casting parts every day. Die casting tooling Molds produced by Cast Parts Company are usually good for more than 100,000 diecasting parts from each tool die cavity. Aluminum die casting parts or Zinc die casting parts are used in many manufacturing applications.

Die Casting Materials, Metals or Alloys used to make die casting parts with die casting tooling:

    Material Alloys we use in our diecasting tooling:
  • A360 aluminum Alloy
  • A380 aluminum Alloy
  • A413 aluminum Alloy
  • Zamak #3 zinc Alloy

    Our Die Casting Tooling Services and Die Casting Tooling Quality
  1. Diecasting Tooling Inspections.
  2. Mount diecasting cavity inserts into diecast moldbases.
  3. Die casting tool ejector pin replacement
  4. Die Casting Tooling First Article Inspections.
  5. In-Process die casting part and Tooling Inspections.
  6. Final Diecasting Tooling and Part Inspection.

Die casting tooling and Die Casting Molds are a very important part of the die casting parts production manufacturing process.

Die Casting Tooling and Molds

Diecast Parts still on Gate
Die Castings with Care

When an aluminum die casting part zinc die casting part is produced, it is inspected, then the excess material is trimmed from the edges with a trim die tool. Sometimes the parts are sanded ore a file is used to remove the excess flash for the die casting part. The use of the die casting tool called "Trim Die", used in our trim presses, reduces the die casting part process time and reduces the part cost. Die casting tooling comes in many names, such as: die casting molds, die casting dies, die casting inserts, die casting cavities, die casting mold bases, die casting trim dies and of course, die casting tool.

Die Casting Parts can then be machined with holes and threads, cast parts can be plated or powder coated. Die Cast Parts will have a final part inspection prior to shipment with a Part Certificate of Conformance.